The Poles and Stairs on the complex southside are being replaced!

Sugar Dunes Home Owners are replacing the poles for added safety and putting in all new landings and stairs to the Beach.   The Florida Department of Environmental Protection have given us a permit to replace the poles.  The work is expected to start in November and will require the temporary closure of all beach access doors on the south side of Sugar Dunes.  During this period owners, renters and guest of Sugar Dunes must use the public beach access on the west side of the building. The owners of each unit must make their rental companies aware of both the closure and the construction work that will be ongoing during this period.

VIE Speaks: 30A Artist Justin Gaffrey

Perhaps no artist has captured the natural beauty and special vibe of 30A than Justin Gaffrey. A self-taught artist whose approach can be described as sculpting with paint, Justin's work is sought not only by tourists, but by collectors all over the country. In the video below the longtime resident of Walton County speaks to a packed house at the Seaside Repertory Theatre in a talk sponsored by VIE Magazine. Enjoy!

Deep Fried Love Since 1949

Historic 30A is a virtual oasis for foodies with an appetite for cuisine from all over the world. The 15 beach communities that make up 30A are known for their noticeable lack of chains, instead offering hungry beach goers the opportunity to discover their own “special place” that is sure to become a must during each visit. From the funky and legendary Grayton Beach establishment, Red Bar, to 30A’s oldest pizza place, Bruno’s, (they put WHOLE mushrooms on their pizzas), it’s easy to lose count of the number of local joints offering up great food. drinks, and cool vibes.


If there is one must visit place on 30A, it just might be Seagrove Village Market Café. A pillar of the community since 1949, Seagrove Market from the outside looks like nothing more than an older convenience store, which, in fact, the front of the building is just that – a convenience store. However, winding your way passed the coolers of soft drinks and cold beer, stacks of souvenirs, and colorful t-shirts, reveals the restaurant, serving up some of the best beach food anywhere within a country mile of a sand dune.

Make no mistake, Seagrove Market Village Café isn’t white table cloth, fine dining - and thank goodness for that. This is one of those places where you brush the sand off your swimsuit and drop by as you area. With just a handful of tables inside, some of the best seating is outside on the back patio, full of rustic charm. If you decide to sit outside, make sure you whip out your cell phone and get a couple of shots of the vintage Coca-Cola sign hanging on the patio’s lattice. It makes for a great Facebook cover photo.


The menu is all beach fare featuring fried or grilled shrimp, crab cakes, and soft shell crab, for instance. However, the real seafood star here is the grouper, delicious no matter how it’s prepared, fried, grilled, or blackened. Garden & Gun magazine even voted the po-boy, with either grouper or shrimp, as one of its 100 Things You Must Eat Before You Die.

On your second visit to Seagrove Village Market Café – you will come more than once, trust me – make sure to give one of the restaurant’s burgers a try. If there is any item that is the sleeper on the menu, it’s the barbecue bacon burger. “Delicious” doesn’t even begin to describe this perfect combination of ground beef, perfectly cooked bacon, and George’s barbecue sauce. Wash it all down with a 30A Beach Blonde Ale.

One word of caution. Parking isn’t exactly plentiful, so if possible walk or bike to make sure you don’t spend time driving up and down the street looking for a space. However, if you must drive, please be patient or make plans to come during a non-peak time. Regardless of what time of you day you come, you will not be disappointed. 

It's Official: No Hampton Inn On 30A

Scenic Highway 30A will not go the way of chain hotels, at least not right now, after Walton County Commissioners denied a controversial hotel project. The proposed Hampton Inn, which would have been built on the eastern end of Seagrove Beach,  was defeated unanimously at a meeting on April 20 after months of opposition from South Walton residents, second home owners, and other citizens concerned that the project would negatively alter the character and charm of 30A. 

If the proposal had passed, the 59,000 square foot, 90 room Hampton Inn would have been the first "chain" hotel along the highway.  Click here to watch the coverage of the decision on Panama City's WJHG 7.

New Beach signs for Sugar Dunes

The Board of directors have ordered and posted 2 new beach signs at each of the entrances to our sand area of the beach.  Please read these signs which remind beach guests that this is Sugar Dunes Condominium's beach and we do not allow canopies, tents or any commercial umbrellas to be place on our beach (Commercial Umbrellas can be ordered by owners and guest of Sugar dunes) but no Canopies by anyone to be set up in front of Sugar Dunes.  (Please view the new sign on our picture page)