●     Deck Secure - Finished securing the decks to the building

●     Railings - Replaced all Southside railings with plastic covered aluminum- No Center Post

●     Fascia between Decks - Replaced white siding with grey lateral strip fascia siding

●     Elevator - Major Upgrade to electronics and rebuild of box (before lightning strike)

●     Garage Doors - replaced metal garage doors with non-rust composite doors

●     Entrance/Exit Gate - Replaced old gates with new gates and new swing arms

●     Security Cameras - Added 6 Security cameras with automatic recording with internet access

Minor Improvements:

●     Re-striped the parking lot slots

●     Bicycle racks added

●     WHELP – Emergency access added

●     Towers – Stabilize the Southside landings for 1 year use

●     Painting of Northside stairs

●     Painting of metal around garage doors

●     New Lattice installed under lower decks

●     New garage labeling to proper unit

Other significant Issues addressed:

●     Joined Private Beach Group - “Beach Re-nourishment” proposal- joined opposition group to keep the private beach and keep property values up, “pending but looking good”

●     Website Launched - Sugar Dunes.com launched 2014 with owner page, pictures, updates

●     Reserve Study - Independent review of major items that depreciate and required funding

●     Wireless Internet in Units- HOA paid without raising dues to install wireless internet in each unit

●     Quarterly newsletter Updates - Board issued 3 quarterly updates sent to all owners

●     Parking Placards control - Board addressed summer parking issues with good success

●     Beach Umbrella and Chairs - Selected one vendor to monitor private beach and rent set-ups

●     Renovation approval - developed a renovation approval form to monitor owner improvements

●     Flooring requirement - developed requirements for proper insulation to limit noise between floor

Uncompleted renovations or Items considered but still open (expect complete 2016)

●     Towers – Safety requirement - replace the pilings and use composite to build new stairs (2016)

●     Rewire of the building for improved cable TV and Internet in the building (2016)

●     Window replacement on the Northside with proper composite outside molding (2016)

●     Privacy slats repair between Southside decks (2016)

●     Replace the sand fencing