Board Members of Sugar Dunes 2018

Current Board Members:

Board Chairperson:      Melinda Lewellen       Home: (770) 329 - 8775

Board Secretary:            Al Benton                                        Cell:  (404) 401 - 0464

Board Vice-Chair:            Dean Hancock            Cell: (662) 690 - 5944           


Management & Maintenance

Community Manager:    Kimberly Needham   Office: (850) 340 - 1520

Maintenance:                     Lee Wilson                        Please Contact Kimberly Needham the Community Manager

Click to open or right click to download these important documents (PDF documents). 

Candidate Information Sheet 2019 Term

Letter To Owners

Sugar Dunes Homeowner Letter From the Board

Umbrella and Chair Letter to Homeowners 

Trespass and Beach Access

Declaration of Condominium

Supplemental Declaration of Condominium

Certificate of Amendment 1

Certificate of Amendment 2

Sugar Dunes Pet and Renovate Applications (Excel File)